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Space Captain v1.07 (Full)


Space Captain is a space action/role-playing game for Android tablets. As a captain in the Terran Alliance, you must explore strange new solar systems. Encounter friendly and not so friendly alien species. Dock at planets to buy and sell equipment, or even purchase a new ship. Carry out missions to defend your race and battle invasive species. With the ships, equipment, and solar systems randomly generated, no two games are the same!

NOTE: Be sure to try the Space Captain – Demo version first to make sure it works good on your device.

Full Version Features:
• 24bit graphics.
• 37 missions to complete.
• Over a hundred solar systems to explore.
• Randomly generated systems, enemies, and equipment.
• Hundreds of pieces of equipment to try on your ship.
• Dock at friendly planets and reconfigure your ship or buy a new one.
• Command up to 3 ships at a time.
• Battle with Frigates, Cruisers, Battleships, Space Stations, Starbases, Fighters, Satellites, and Mines.

• Android 2.3 and up
• 800×480 or better screen resolution
• 512mb memory


Space Captain v1.07 (Full)

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