Saturday , May 30 2020

Space Raider v 1.0 (Full)


This fun and exciting game uses the progressive difficulty format meaning it’s highly addictive. You’ll play for hours over and over again. There are 6 stages 3 of which contain tricky bosses and super advanced robots. Each stage contains pickups and power ups for your player to help you get through alive!

The unarmed player has greater health but is a lot slower when it comes to destroying robots on the timed stages.

The armed player has an assault rifle which always him to kill much faster than his unarmed counterpart however, his health is much lower.

Choose the player that best fits your strategy and try to complete the game. Then choose the other player and play again as you try to adopt a new strategy.

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Thanks for playing!


Space Raider v 1.0 (Full)


Space Raider v 1.0 (Full)

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