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Space Renegade v1.2 APK


Space Renegade v1.2 APK Renegade is a retro arcade shooter. You play as Striker. A rouge commander who’s taken it upon itself to bring down the invading forces of an alien race invading human space.
Fight your way through waves of enemies, upgrade your ship, and win back humanity’s right to live in the galaxy.

Fight your way trough 15 levels of increasingly harder enemies!
Upgrade your ship and try to not die!

You can play 100% touchscreen, or you can be super fancy and play with the device gyro as the movement control while the other actions are touch buttons on the screen. Cool uh?


Btw, you can actually play the web version at

Key Features

– Awesome soundtrack.
– 8-bit Retro pixel art.
– Carefully manage your ship resources.
– Upgrade your ship as you complete each level.
– Use your score points to buy extra ammo, health and energy for your ship.
– 15 levels
– Unique enemies and Boss Fights!
– Control the game using the gyroscope and touch screen or just the touch screen.


Space Renegade v1.2 APK

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