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SpaceGrave v1.0 Apk


SpaceGrave v1.0 Apk your way stand endless waves of enemy ships coming with simple purpose: to destroy you. Your only weapons are your quick fingers and sharp reflexes (and a ray gun mounted to the front of your ship.) Gameplay is very intuitive and it is very easy to play on your touch screen. Game’s layout makes the whole thing very comprehensive and straightforward. Within seconds of starting SpaceGrave you are destroying enemy cruisers and enjoying a mayhem in space. Graphic design is a throwback to the classic arcade games but with a special modern touch. SpaceGrave features original soundtrack tailored specially for spending time traveling through the outer space. We know that you want to share your incredible accomplishments with your friends and that is why SpaceGrave allows you to post your best results to Facebook and Twitter instantly. Also, nobody likes all those stupid pop-up ads and that is why SpaceGrave is totally ad free. So ask yourself a question: Are you ready to die in space?


SpaceGrave v1.0 Apk

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