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Sparkle 3 Genesis v1.1 Apk (Full)

SparkleSparkle 3 Genesis v1.1 Apk (Full)

– Enlarged small buttons
– Fixed unproper text display
– Fixed Pause problem during vortex travel
– Fixed progress bar problems during competition
– Some minimap fixes
– Fixed minimap in tutorial level
– Some other minor fixes
Step into the amazing world of Sparkle – a surreal ocean, where life is thriving and conditions are perfect to make an evolutionary leap.A beautiful visual experience. Control the fate of a single dreamlike organism through the course of it’s life. Explore the vast ocean in search of micro-elements that will help you evolve from a tiny speck of life into a magnificent Sparkle. You can choose whether your Sparkle will become a quick and relentless hunter, a peaceful plant-eater or a creature whose feature lie in between.
Every element you eat matters. Every element will influence how your sparkle grows, what his skills will look like, what his strengths and weaknesses will be. Spend the micro-elements in the genetic store to improve your Sparkle the way you want. Partake in quests essential to your Sparkle growth. Evolve special skills that will help you in your journey. Become the master of the evolution.

– Virtually unlimited number of gene manipulation to perform
– 12 dreamlike levels to explore
– multiple quests to complete
– special class powers to unlock
– fights with epic bosses
– mesmerizing ambient soundtrack


Sparkle 3 Genesis v1.1 Apk (Full)


Sparkle 3 Genesis v1.1 Apk (Full)

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