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Spirit Hunter v0.10303 Apk [Mod Ammo]


Spirit Hunter v0.10303  Apk [Mod Ammo]  The Grim Reaper’s job has gone horrible! Ever since the zombie crisis, there has been an increasing demand of souls to be taken to the afterlife, but they are trapped inside the bodies of the undead! The Grim Reaper needs your help to gather these souls so they may find final slumber!

Spirit Hunter :
A free zombie run & gun FPS shooting game
Spirit Hunter Official Community : https://game.nanoo.so/spirithunter
Like us on Facebook! : https://facebook.com/shgame

[“Redeem” (a.k.a Destroy) the zombie husks to release their souls!] Action packed Run & Gun, Defence, and Survival Modes!
Dash through the city and various locations running and gunning down zombies!
Dig in and protect locations from rampant zombie hordes!
Reach for higher scores in survival mode!

[An arsenal of over 30 weapons!] The Grim Reaper has provided you with his arsenal for you the help him with this task!
Trade for new weapons such as SMGs, Shotguns, and Assault Rifles and much more!
Enhance and mod these items with special abilities for even more carnage!

[Become the Ultimate Spirit Hunter!] Compete with others to see who the ultimate zombie slaughterer is. Climb the ladder to higher leagues with better opponents and better rewards.

Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.
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Spirit Hunter v0.10303  Apk [Mod Ammo]

Spirit Hunter v 0.10206 APK

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