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Splinters Episode 1 v1.11 APK Mod


Splinters Episode 1 v1.11 APK Mod Splinters is a playable, branching Lovecraftian tale of family, love & madness. Delve into the past where mental illness at this time is often regarded with fear and association with demon possession. Patients are abused and mistreated, electroshock therapy and lobotomy are the prescribed form of treatment.

Meet Dr. Bartholomew Massey, a doctor working in a mental institution, a loving father and husband. As the story unfolds, you will discover your own identity and the tragedy that befalls Dr. Massey. You will also be able to choose the paths that Dr. Massey sets himself on.

Some choices are profound, some are futile, however the dangers are real, the madness is inevitable. Will you lead Dr. Massey down the path of survival or oblivion?

Discover now, choose your own path.

Splinters is an immersive and diabolic story with multiple faucets and elements, there are multiple paths that you can discover to realize the fragile reality of Dr. Massey. There is one true ending but multiple paths to get there.

Splinters deals with horror elements of the natural and supernatural. This journey will force you to imagine the darkest and deepest horrors of human nature thus is not for the faint of heart.

Internet connection not required. No in-app purchases and no ads.

Episode 2 coming soon.

Splinters Episode 1 is developed by
Joseph Teng
Caleb Teng

Written by
Noah Teng
Joseph Teng
Caleb Teng


 Splinters Episode 1 v1.11 APK

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