Wednesday , July 15 2020

Stair Dismount Трейлер Андроид

Stair Dismount Трейлер Андроид

Someone is sadistic! Whoever designed this game is sick and must love pain! So here I am spending over an hour pushing this manniquin figure down the stairs, jump a construction zone and even sliding down the Titanic to see how many bones he can break! Sick…sick…sick….but oh sooo fun! 😀

Love it but… I think the game is great. But the only thing is: your other game, Turbo Dismount, I can’t get on my tablet. Please make Turbo Dismount available for my device and version and I’ll rate 5 stars on both games. Thanks!

…great game but… I had this game on my ipod and i loved it then i got a samsung, the worst electronic exprierance i have ever had, lags every five seconds and just plain sucks but i love the game… if you can make it less laggy on the samsung galaxy ace 2x thanks

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