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State Of Dicay v13.13.13.13 Apk Download

DicayState Of Dicay v13.13.13.13 Apk Download All bugs / errors and other problems will eventually be corrected.
This game is a simulator of survival. In the game you will have to find ammo, weapons and more.
In the future, we want to add a lot. We want to add machines quests (which we have already added) boats. We also realize, what is in the Pc version of the game.
Namely, the change will be realized characters, characters famine, disease, as we implement the shelf life of various products.
We will also add a multiplayer. The game is a single, but in the future we will make it a fully networked. We are already working on an animation Mecanim.
All you need is just patience. And leave the rest to us. And we will keep our promises.

The game is in the early access!
And in the future with your support, we sell a lot!
Buy Now and then the game will be more expensive.
Our Group
That’s what we’ve added
– Multiplayer, now you can play with other players
– The game now has a chat, and you can chat with other players
– Now you can choose your name and change it
– A lot of different characters
– Interesting Mission (With each update them more)
– Interesting architecture
– Lots of weapons (more in the future)
– Huge World
– The game is constantly evolving
– Quality model
– Excellent optimization
– System of Conservation
– Multi-Game Menu
– In the future, we will add a great deal!


State Of Dicay v13.13.13.13 Apk Download

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