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Stella’s Journey v8 APK Mod

Stella’s Journey v8 APK Mod


“Aside from looking fantastic, the game offers some very original gameplay” – PlatformGamesFanClub

Stella’s Journey is a fairy tale style adventure platform game about a girl who wakes up in a mysterious world after reading the first page of a strange book. The spell turns her into a paper box and now the only way she can find her way home is with the help of The Wind. You play as The Wind that will help Stella get past a wide variety of deadly traps, enemies, and physics-based puzzles in diverse and handcrafted environments.

What’s fun about Stella?

• Unique gameplay where you control elements with the Wind.
• Variety of challenging puzzles.
• The guardians enemies – stay out of their sight and don’t let them touch you!
• Trigger mechanisms based on the real world physics.
• Deadly traps.
• Beautiful, handcrafted graphics.
• Mysterious fairy tale ambiance.
• Professional narration and sound effects.

Stella’s Journey v8 APK Mod


Stella’s Journey v8 APK Mod

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