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Submarine Pirates v1.1 (Mod Apk Money)

Submarine Pirates

Submarine Pirates v 1.1 (Mod Apk Money) is a Modern tactical submarine combat simulator on your Android Phone and Tablet! Its completely free , no ads, no in app purchases! The game is a mix of the warfare strategy and an arcade game style. You have to care whit your ship control, resources, potential dangers and whit the offense-defense tactics.

The Story

In the year of 2020 started a new Cold War for the resources and for the Antarctic territory between the word leaders. The Cold War continues to expand for the resources with heavy military present in the Antarctic Ocean .Total is around 200 ships, including U.S. aircraft carrier battle groups, many additional surface combatants (frigates through cruisers), floating bases , numerous submarines and multiple URGs (underway replenishment groups) to keep all the warships fueled, munitioned.

We are the the submarine pirates a small independent group in the Antarctic area. Our goal is reduce the military activity around our base and our oil-rigs . We have to protect our floating bases and oil resources to be able to survive. Everybody in the this area is a potential enemy and everybody want to get our resources. We have to clear up our area every day. The floating ice mountains changes everything on each day. Sometimes we have really hard time to accomplish our missions. Fortunately we have many secret technology in our hand like teleportation , doomsday device , hacking tools and shield technology to be able to fight against many enemy.

Game Requirements

– The Game run stable just on a newer and stronger android devices ( ie. Samsung Galaxy S6, Nexus 5) . If your device is older than the Nexus 7 ( Tegra ) than the game can freeze. The game can cause on many device a restart.

– The game is compiled whit ETC2 ( GLS 3.0 ) Texture compression. If your device not support this texture compression that it can cause some performance issue or game crash.

Game features

– Different missions on a fully adjustable random generated map. You never get the same situation twice.
– Different enemies and objects like Aircraft Carriers , vessels, Submarines , Civilian ships , Airplanes, Helicopters , UFO`s… and more.
– Complex game play, this is more a strategy-arcade game.
– Modern submarine features like EMP weapons, technology items, teleportation , torpedo hacking tools, damage boosters, air resupply, tomahawk missiles .
– You can upgrade more than 30 ability of your ship. More than 250 upgrade point can be used.
– More different types of warships and battleships.
– The first Submarine vs. Submarines game play on mobile.
– Realistic ship movement. You have to learn to navigate between the ice mountains. Your ship turns really slow so you have to be careful whit your speed and heading.
– Several floating base and object where you can resupply and save your items.
– Ability to adjust the graphic quality.
– High graphics level and modern style GUI system.

Known Issues and game crashes:

We are using Unity 3D engine which have several issue on some android device. There is no a general settings which will provide a crash free solution an all existing device. So if you have some crash or Black Screen issue than simply there is some hardware or software conflict between unity engine and your device. As long we are using an engine and several issue is independent form us please not rate negatively immediately the game if its crashing.

Game Tips and FAQ on

Submarine Pirates
Submarine Pirates
Submarine Pirates
Submarine Pirates
Submarine Pirates
Submarine Pirates


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