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Super Helmets On Fire DX v 0.1 (Full) Моd (No Damage/Unlocked)


Play as The Hero, a regular construction worker that one day by mistake unleashes the wrath of an ancient egyptian God.

Including more than 10 playable characters and 4 Incredible and addictive game modes featuring a Unique RPG stat based system for your characters that will allow you to customize them more than in any other Arcade Runner!

“This is the equivalent of the Dark Souls of the arcade runners!” – Raging player

“Sometimes I feel like I’m playing in a old school console” – Nostalgic Player

“I’m still trying to finish the game.” – The Director

Super Helmets On Fire DX Ultra Edition Plus Alpha is a “DIRECTORS CUT” version that literally changes everything seen until now in a runner game. You can run through 5 fantastic worlds with amazing winks from “ULTRA” known games that you may or may not recognize ;). In addition, this special “EDITION” of Super Helmets on Fire comes with the novelty of having bosses that will make your life more difficult, yes boss fights in a running game, sounds challenging right?

Super Helmets On Fire DX Ultra Edition Plus Alpha has a difficulty “PLUS” a fully RPG stats powered system that make us believe that we are facing one of the most complicated, crazy and fun runner that can be found on mobiles. Stay Quiet, this is not an “ALPHA” but a game full of content which you will enjoy hours on the screen of your mobile.

Super Helmets On Fire DX Ultra Edition Plus Alpha key points:
– SUPER 8 bits graphics created by the well know Jonathan Romero(@jonroru)
– HELMETS and tons of items to change your appearance
– ON is how you will be every time you play the game!
– FIRE… don´t shoot!
– DIRECTOR’S CUT because is the hyper improved version
– ULTRA final bosses who will make your life impossible
– EDITION with a longer story mode and 5 levels
– PLUS an arcade mode with plenty of RPG-like content and difficulties that will drive you nuts
– ALPHA, beta… zeta… this is the final version of the game

Our Dream Team:

Robert Aguilar – Director, Programer, Game Designer, SFX .
Jonathan Romero – Pixel Artist / Animator, Game Designer, UI.
Borja Ruiz – Concept Artist y Game Designer, UI.
Carlos Viola – Sounds & Music.

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