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SWAT Train Mission Crime Rescu v 1.0.1


Trained bad guys have captured the train station and hijacked the locomotive after shooting driver, now they have civilian hostages. City police has asked for SWAT force help as this hostile situation is like advance warfare. The subway station looks like a battlefield surrounded by terrorist mercenary. City is filled with terror and fear of the terrorism, innocent citizens are crying for help and waiting for subway rescue team to arrive. Lead the rescue team in SWAT vehicle and reach the train station. Enemy jeep is parked outside and guarded by terrorist gunman. Take out gunman with a sniper shot from your assault rifle and blow up enemies jeep and arsenal. Clear the underground subway station before terrorists leave in train to desert. After intense cross shooting, kill all bad guys and rescue passengers from railway tracks..


SWAT Train Mission Crime Rescu v 1.0.1

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