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Swim Racer v1.0.3 apk (Mod Money)


Swim Racer v1.0.3 apk (Mod Money) This is the ultimate multiplayer swimming game!

You can race against your friends. You can race against your teammates. You can even race against the person you just swam against in the pool! Or you can race against your best time.

This game was designed by swimmers to be as accurate and fun as possible. All styles of swimming are represented.

The game is also designed so you can earn points in races and purchase the first level upgrade of suit, goggles and cap without spending any money.

In multi player mode, your name is actually superimposed on the water just like on TV!

The game features a massive game music soundtrack or you can change it to race with music from your own device.

The strobe flashes and the horn sounds to start the race just like in actual competition!

There is a complete free practice area where you can improve all your swim strokes!

Multiplayer feature over wifi will handle up to three swimmers per race!

Practice area, Championship area and Multi Player area all feature the four swimming strokes and individual medley.

On screen prompts will give brief tips to improve your swimming speed.

The records are all current Short Course Meter World Records. The names of the actual record holders and their country are shown before the race.

In multiplayer the world record time will glide ahead of the swimmers in a white line if they are close to breaking the record!

Game center is added so you can post your times against swimmers from around the world.

Your personal best time will show before the race so you know what you have to beat!

You can also choose to swim against the game swimmers.

Facebook share is added so you can let your competition know you just crushed the best time.


Swim Racer v1.0.3 apk (Mod Money)

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