Sunday , May 31 2020

Talking Cat 3D Game v1.3 APK


Talking Cat 3D Game v1.3 APK
Play, feed, talk with your new pet! There is a present for the cat – a toy in a form of heart!
And beautiful cake with hearts! Play the game with the cat which loves hearts and loves to play!

In this amazing game you can
* Talk with your kitty and she will repeat everything you say with a funny voice.
* Pet the cat to make her purr. Just move your finger over her nose. Cat Diana loves to play. Cat will do purr.
* Touch the cat and kitty will jump.
* Watch your kitty dancing her lovely song Jingle Bells!
* Give commands to pretty cat Diana to run around the room! Touch the floor anywhere and cat Diana will go there.
* Present different gifts to your kitty and have fun together!
* Express your love to her!
* Feed your kitty!
* There is a tasty and beautiful cake for cat Diana! you cat feed a cat!
* And even check if your kitty afraid of CUCUMBER!


 Talking Cat 3D Game v1.3 APK

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