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Tank Destruction: Multiplayer v1.2 apk mod


Tank Destruction: Multiplayer v1.2 apk mod Get ready to win the furious battle of tanks in “Tank Destruction: Multiplayer”. It’s time to destroy your opponents completely by blowing their tanks. There is much destruction, bombing and demolition.

Either you will fight in the missions and destroy you enemy tanks or will attack, capture and destroy real time opponent’s base.

This massive 3D Multiplayer game will keep you busy and will provide you the best entertainment. Most thrilling adventure is waiting for you.

Go to warehouse, buy your favorite tanks, equip and upgrade tanks to win the missions. Make your tank more powerful, indestructible and deadlier.

Get the best defensive items (Rocket pods, cannon, artillery, Tesla tower, mini rocket gun, laser gun etc.) put them in the right place make the best possible strategy to fight with your enemies, protect your base and head quarter from opponent’s attack. “Rush” to complete upgrade and make use of your items immediately. Fight with the real time players as hard as you can to defeat them and win the Medals.

Experience an unforgettable tank battle against the real time players – FIGHT, WIN and prove yourself as the real TANK HERO of 2016…!!!

• 3D Multiplayer Game!
• Variety of Weapons and Tanks!
• Fight with real time Players!
• Upgrade Feature!
• Challenging Missions!
• Best 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!


 Tank Destruction: Multiplayer v1.2 apk mod

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