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Tap Adventure APK v1.2 (Mod)


Tap Adventure APK v1.2 (Mod)  Doraemon, the cute futuristic robot cat with giant chaien, sue and nobita were on their way towards the dreaming castle of the devil. Together they overcome the comic haunted forests and then proceed to target is the heaven occupied by the devils. Together to fight for their dreams. But now this is not dreaming. Nobita like a warrior with his sword, he teams up with his friends. They beat the terrible bosses and collect the donuts (Doraemon his favorite snack: Dorayaki), coin, gold, gem and pikachu cat. Dorayaki help them more powerful and stronger after every battle.

– Manga-anime chibi graphics suitable for children and kids.
– The character: futuristic robot cat, Chaien, xuka and nobita like pokemon character. They are so cute and funny disney cartoon.
– This is rpg, dps game but beautiful cartoon character like tsum oggy cat and pokemon pikachu.
– Upgrade giant dps skills and his stuff gadgets for faster pass level.
– Get more donuts, Dorayaki and coin, gold, equip stuff weapons by tap or click help from Doremi.
– A lot of terrible monster: frozen queen, shin, songoku, pokemon, piranha, pikachu .
– Tapping screen to attack and make skills of Nobita and Doraemon.
– Simple control with tap and click to make dmg and skill.
– Team up with Doraemon and friends to evolution and revenge terrible monsters.

Tap and click fast to help futuristic pikachu cat and Nobita warrior rescued their kingdom from monsters.
Tap to attack, tap to slay, tap to adventure, tap to summon and hire hero. Tap for fun, tap for lol, tap to to use skill each battle. Keep tapping away. You are our last hope.
If you like this game and manga comic fans please rate five stars and do not forget comments to us about Nobi Revenge: For Doraemon fans!


 Tap Adventure APK v1.2 (Mod)

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