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Ted the Jumper v1.4 APK Mod

Ted the Jumper v1.4 APK Mod



“Ted the jumper” is a colorful puzzle game. Help Ted to collect all wooden blocks on the field by jumping on them. Ted can jump forward, left or right, but cannot jump back.

Be careful not to get stuck with no ability to jump while some blocks are still on the field!

Avoid obstacles and use special block types to complete levels!

Travel through four beautiful colorful worlds and experience the relaxing ambiance of cool water ripple effects, peaceful sounds and music.

The puzzles look simple, but can be very challenging and addictive! You can easily spent 2-5 minutes to solve one.

There are four modes of the game:

“Story” – go through four chapters with increasing difficulty. Each chapter brings a new special block type and a new world.

“Training” – warn-up your brain with infinite randomly generated levels. Every time new puzzle!

“Championship” – solve five consequent puzzles as quickly as possible. Compete with your friends or become a World Champion!

A special mode for everyone who wants to touch water surface and play with ripples. Just for fun!

Ted Ted Ted

Ted the Jumper v1.4 APK Mod

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