Monday , February 24 2020

Terra Caravan v 1.0.6 (Mod Money)


Something lies dormant in the earth under your feet… dare to find out what?
Get down and dirty with TerraCaravan, a fun and easy RPG, now available for iOS and Android devices!

SImply tap on your screen to get started. And once you’ve started, you can go on forever, because there’s no cap on gold, damage, or any other stat! Collect helpers along the way as you mine artefacts and explore our extensive stages.
Think you’ll make it to the very end? Is there even one at all?!

◇◆Tap to play! Super easy.◆◇
TerraCaravan is really easy to play! No swipes, no fancy finger movements–all you need to do is tap. What better way to keep going when there’s unlimited stats for everything?!

◇◆Dig, baby, dig!◆◇
Tapping moves your character through the ground. Watch out, because once they’ve leveled up a bit, it’s one tap for you and one huge leap for them!

And after a while, your character will start naturally attracting helpers. They’ll do all sorts of fun digging with you so you don’t have to do everything!”

“◇◆Harvest gold automatically!◆◇
That’s right! Your helpers will keep digging and collecting gold for you even while you’re not playing the game. So you can kick back and rake it in while you’re busy at work or school.

◇◆Find special helpers to really boost your stats!◆◇
Some of the helpers you attract will have special skills that can do awesome things for your digging. Make sure you train them up, because they’ll seriously change the way you play the game!

◇◆Play wherever you like, whenever you like!◆◇
TerraCaravan can be played even without a data connection, so dig away anywhere, any time!

How fast the game progresses is up to you! Choose your helpers and artefacts wisely.

◇◆New Game Plus!◆◇
Once you’ve hit a depth of 100m, you can return to the surface and restart at a higher level, using the artefacts you’ve made from the iron ore you’ve collected. You’ve got to go deeper!


Terra Caravan v 1.0.6 (Mod Money)

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