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The Battle Of Saiyan Warrior v 1.1.2 APK Mod

The Battle Of Saiyan Warrior v 1.1.2 APK Mod


The Battle Of Saiyan Warrior: Saiyan plannet is under attack. We need your help ! Saiyan Heroes !!

Across the galaxy are a Warrior race known as Saiyans, who have learned to harness the life energy called Ki, and forge it into a deadly weapon enhancer, using their own bodies as the weapon. These Saiyan Warrior’s are masters of the martial arts and hence are only hindered by the use of manufactured weapons and armors. A Saiyan Warrior’s Ki infuses them with many abilities and anger and pain unlock the legendary Super Saiyan transformations that grants them phenomenal strength and agility.

* Defeat the Enemy with skills, you can jump or double jump to avoid obstacles as well.
* Be careful with Bosses, they will appear and attack you.
* Press Left button to jump or double jump.
* Hold down Right button to build up power for a larger blast.
* Collect 7 Gems / Ball to use larger blast without hold right button, just tap and tap.
* When the enemy die, HP will drop, don’t forget getting it.
* Collect Gems to buy life, you can buy in shop also.

– Totally FREE.
– Friendly user interface.
– Wonderful skills dbz.
– Easy to play: run and fly and shoot to skill enemies.
– Leaderboards to challenge your friends.
– Catchy Soundtrack.

Saiyan Saiyan s

The Battle Of Saiyan Warrior v 1.1.2 APK Mod

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