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The Blockheads v1.6.1.2 Apk Mod


The Blockheads v1.6.1.2 Apk Mod  Night is falling and your numbskull is frigid.

You haven’t yet made sanctuary and your pit fire has gone out.

The sum total of what you have is a spade, some wood and a couple sticks.

You have just minutes before weariness hits.

Do you make a bed, burrow a cavern or refuel your flame?

What will you do?

Investigate, mine, art and construct in this monster and definite sandbox amusement. Explore enormous recreated universes a huge number of pieces wide with a full temperature and atmosphere framework, seasons, an equator, and solidified shafts. Investigate complex hollow frameworks and streaming water, and survive deserts and blanketed peaks.

• Control your numbskulls in a tremendous haphazardly produced world with seas, mountains, timberlands, forsakes and profound underground gives in.

• Keep an eye on their needs – give them rest, nourish them, make dress and safe house – and they’ll be more satisfied, speedier and more profitable.

• Craft devices with the assets they find, and they’ll have the capacity to work much speedier and find more assets.

• Upgrade workbenches and open more propelled things to create.

• Discover valuable stones and metals profound underground, or uncommon plants and creatures at first glance.

• Craft a vessel and explore the seas utilizing the precise night sky to guide you.

• Make hide apparel and dare toward the North Pole.

• Pick coconuts at a tropical shoreline.

• Cook meat at a pit fire.

• Build a marble castle.

• Paint the dividers.

• Plant a plantat


The Blockheads v1.6.1.2 Apk Mod


The Blockheads v1.6.1.2 Apk Mod

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