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The Eighth Continent v1.9 (Full)


The Eighth Continent v1.9 (Full) ‘The Eighth Continent’ is an interactive novel in which you are the story’s hero!

In a world devastated by a cataclysmic super-eruption, you must search for your lost family.  Who should you trust?  What dangers await you in the volcanic wasteland?

Scavenge, fight, hack, and trade your way through a ruined world.

– A branching storyline; make crucial choices and live with the consequences.
– Conditional choices, where your options may depend on the items in your inventory, your health or mental state, previously visited locations, your reputation with other characters, or even your wealth!
– A card-based fighting mini-game.
– A mini-game for hacking electronic locks.
– A mini-game where you scavenge for precious goods.
– Vendors to buy and sell.
– A decryption mini-game to decode secret records.
– An inventory of consumables and quest items for you to manage.
– Over 700 pages.
– Over 20 achievements.
– An automatic bookmark save system.

Suitable for adults and young adults alike, the book uses clean language throughout and contains mild fictional violence in the form of a card game.  Although a standalone story, ‘The Eighth Continent’ is the first book of a trilogy; books two and three are already written, and will be released as apps soon.

The app is designed for both phones and tablets, and works in both landscape and portrait orientations.

Special thanks to Matt Rix for his excellent Futile 2D library.


The Eighth Continent v1.9 (Full)

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