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The Epic Of Hero Jp v01.04.01 (Mod Apk)


The Epic Of Hero Jp

The Epic Of Hero Jp v01.04.01 (Mod Apk) Contrary to pretty looks, there are so many elements that can be customized and many strategic elements!
Using reinforcement of the unit you got, soldier’s class change, change of deployment of troops etc
Assemble your own strategy and challenge the enemy!

There are plenty of game modes such as battle between players, plenty of fun to play!
Easy to use authentic RPG!

<Synopsis of Synopsis>
The Kingdom of Baldilia where peace has continued for 500 years.
However, the empire suddenly emerged, the peace will be fragile and will crumble away …

In order to protect the legendary spear which is the royal treasure, Queen Maryka of the Kingdom,
Even escaping from the castle will be chased by the knight of the empire.

That moment when the imperial knight’s poor blade falls
The legendary spear brilliant, a single boy emerged from the light.

<Outline of Game>
① fine battle organization
Arrangement of troops at the start of battle is also an important element of the battle.
Let’s assemble your own tactics that make use of the individuality and combination of units!

② Unique rich unit
Unique capabilities such as attack range, speed, deathblow, special skill, and passive!

③ Capability with magic stone equipment UP
Various abilities UP when equipping a unit with magic stones!
Overcome the weak part, extend the part you are good at
Let’s make your own original unit!

④ Soldiers support unit actions
Each unit is accompanied by a child like “soldier”
We will act with the unit to support the actions of the unit.
“Soldiers” will be dedicated “soldiers” for each unit,
There are various kinds such as humans, fairies, dragons, and over 200 kinds of them!
“Soldiers” will also be a very important factor that determines unit performance!

<Appearance voice actor list>
The luxurious voice actors also perform with the character voice at “Ruru Idea”!
· Uehara Akari
· Wadare Uchida
· Ohashi walking evening
· Yui Makuma
· Yusuke Kobayashi
· Ayane Sakura
Shusuke Takeuchi
Yoshinari Yoshinari
Many others appeared!るるたるイデア

1) Weak enemy

Install Steps:
1) Download mod apk
2) Install and enjoy


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