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The Last of Worms v 1.0


The world of worms was captured by the curse of zombies. While transporting cargo of weapons, your friend’s plane crashed in the epicenter of the zombie epidemic. You are his only hope. Defeat the hordes of zombies by destroying and sending them to the graves.

The Last of Worms is a classic 2D shooting game, with a weapons upgrade system. Compete in survival mode fighting off zombies attacks as long as you can.


Means of persuasion:
• Basic weapons: pistol, shotgun, minigun
• Two special weapons will receive after by calling on the radio
• Grenades and mines
• Bombing enemy positions

Combat Aids:
• Adrenaline – reduces damage, allows to shoot faster
• Double damage – doubles the damage made by a weapon

• Upgrade weapons and increase arsenal by spending the gold gained during the game

Diverse opponents
Changing weather conditions

***Experience the adventure in the world of worms***

The Last of Worms v 1.0

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