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The tale of Five Kingdoms JP v1.2.2 (Mod Apk)


The tale of Five Kingdoms JP

The tale of Five Kingdoms JP v1.2.2 (Mod Apk) The three characters chosen by the AiKaBu collaboration project serve as a voice actor, the new characters 3 Musketeers’ Coco (CV: Tsuzuki Rika), Furore (CV: Narasaki Sakaguchi), Romeria (CV: Mao Mita) participated!

Set in five kingdoms, the main character Trisuto stood in a struggle by the betrayal of his allegiance commander, Gulf Red, his allegiance. What is the startling truth becoming apparent in adventure to investigate mystery with friends? –
There are a lot of fascinating characters that emit super fidelity killer technique (OverArt), Neotactics · Auto Battle that can capture strategy enriching elements. Super spectacle fantasy filled with all the charm of RPG finally came out.

In the age of mythology, the crystal that brought prosperity to people lost their lights by the desire of ancient people’s private interests, their power was cut off. Five great kingdoms were born by five huge crystals “Rifurukurisutaru” which has returned light for a long time. However, the history repeats … The stage of the war over the “rifle crystal” set in five kingdoms will start curtain again.

【Character rich characters】
– More than 150 3D characters with elaborate and individuality appear!
– Very popular Vtuber ‘s Mi – hikari is the first appearance in the game!

【Luxury voice acting team】
· Popular voice actors such as Ito Shizu, Ohara Sayaka, Kato Eimi ri, Chino Atsuko, Koyasu Takehito, Koyama Kaya, Aya Sakura, Junichi Suwabe, Koosuke Toriumi, Yui Horie, Sadaka Matsuoka perform!
· From the AKB 48 group, Rika Tsuzuki (SKE 48), Narisa Sakaguchi (AKB 48), Mao Mita (NMB 48) join as a voice actor of the original character! (Scheduled to appear after October 2018)

【Various game systems】
– Quest battle mode of this main title progressing with a magnificent story. Various battle functions such as raid battle (PvE), battle (PvP), dungeon event etc. equipped!
– Of course you can pursue the strongest character in strengthening equipment and manufacturing! “Creation” that collects materials and creates characters, and “incarnation” that can also make rare characters that can only be obtained here randomly!

[Recommended Specifications]Android 4.3 or higher

【Twitter is here Vi】

c2018 liica Inc. cCREEK & RIVER KOREA Co., Ltd. c 4: 33 Creative Lab.ファイブキングダム―偽りの王国―

1. Attack Multiplier (x1 ~ x10)
2. Defense Multiplier (x1 ~ x10)
3. Exclusive Custom Value Multiplier


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