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Thunder Strike v 1.00.124 Apk Моd (High damage)


Thunder Strike v 1.00.124 Apk Моd (High damage)  Thunder Strike is a fast-paced shooting game with addictive gameplay and awesome 3D effects. Choose from a variety of game modes; each offers a different type of challenge! From fighting endless waves of enemies to epic battles against the 12 Zodiac bosses, your skills will be pushed to its limits.
Build your own Fighter and invite your friends on this interstellar voyage!

– Smooth Control: Control your Fighter with ease. Pilot it with just one finger!

– Upgrade System: Tons of upgradable parts and weapons waiting to be discovered! Combine parts to build the strongest fighter.

– Unlimited Mode: Survive the unstoppable onslaught of enemies! Use friends’ assistance to increase your attacking ability. Compete your best score with friends on the weekly leaderboard.

– Protect The Galaxy: Join the Earth’s Federation’s forces to defend the galaxy. Get in the thick of the action and battle across realistic space environments!

– Zodiac Boss: Defeat the 12 Zodiac bosses to collect rare equipment and weapons!


Thunder Strike v 1.00.124 Apk Моd (High damage)


Thunder Strike v1.00.50 Apk Моd (High damage)

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