Monday , May 25 2020

Tok Dalang: Shadow Legend v1.1 (Mod Money/Unlock)


The most artistic and creative tower defense game “Tok Dalang” shocking debut in PLAY STORE, how can you miss!
Draw your soldiers with a finger to resist the invasion of devil! Recounting the favourable shadow paper cutting stories of your own!
Tok Dalang is the master puppeteers and story teller that responsible for breathing life into array characters of shadow play.
Tok Dalang is the main character in controlling the puppet and portray stories within the story that it carries.

# Story:
Once upon a time, in the embrace of the sun god’s blessing, the villagers were living a very comfortable life. The Bigfoot devil jealous because everyone did not respect and love him, while having the memorial in the village to celebrate the harvest, he sent a group of demons to destroy the village. In order to protect home, the villagers convened the brave soldiers, unite together to resist the Bigfoot devil! Meanwhile, the Titan also sent its God Warriors to help the brave soldiers…

# Game Play:
The player plays the role of “Tok Dalang”, simply tap your finger on your phone or pad, draw out “/, △, □, ○, z” five kinds of shapes, the brave and strong soldiers will be created, and eliminate all evildoer! Randomly adjust your formation to create the strongest team; upgrade the soldiers to get god power, and casting impregnable defense; use different strategies to achieve your own amazing shadow paper cutting story!

# Game Features:
– 83 stages, 6 chapters, 5 types of gameplays, 1 unlimited stage;
– 42 kinds of enemies, birds and beasts, giants, the Lich, etc;
– 15 kinds of soldiers, 3 kinds of god warriors;
– 45 kinds of skills;
– 11 kinds of auxiliary functions (4 kinds of defensive buildings, 4 kinds of supporting items, 3 kinds of passive skill);
– 20 achievements, 5 kinds of assessment star pursuit.


Tok Dalang: Shadow Legend v1.1 (Mod Money/Unlock)

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