Wednesday , May 27 2020

Traps v0.45 Моd (Crystals) APK Download


Traps v0.45 Моd (Crystals) APK Download  You asked and we added: CHAT with your competitors!
* Many bugs fixed.
Don’t hesitate to contact us using HELP button (on the left side of the screen, with ‘?’ icon). We will be really happy to hear your thoughts about the game and help you with your problems!;)

Lead a gang of jolly thieves. Unlock their super powers and raid other players’ fortresses all over the world! Secure your own fortress with ingenious traps and fill it up with treasure!

About the game
*TRAPS is a unique combination of city builder and 3d runner
*Turn your island into an unassailable castle in the sky
*Fill it up with ingenious traps and wicked surprises for uninvited guests
*Raid other players’ fortresses
*Unleash your gang’s super powers: Todd’s Dash, Hagrin’s Shield Charge, Shadow’s Invisibility and even more
*Test your gang’s super powers to create a perfect combination for successful raids.
*Establish your own order in the sky
*Release civilians from the tyranny of the avid vice


Traps v0.45 Моd (Crystals) APK Download


Traps v0.45 Моd (Crystals) APK Download

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