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Tresbeum v1.1.7 APK


Choose a faction out of three, each faction has their own specialty.

Choose your ships and go try to dominate the other factions. There are 4 class of ships, each class has several type to choose from.

Randomize planets position every time you play will give you different experience. Deploy your fleets wisely or waste precious travel time.

AI favors no one, they are indiscriminate. Hardcore player looking for challenge can enable features that will make their conquest even more difficult.

The game is intended to be a quick and fun time killer. There is no save point. As long you don’t quit or close the game, you can continue a session anytime.

The AI was designed to be indiscriminate and will give you challenging time most of the time. If you think the game too easy, simply turn on some of the features inside to increase its difficulty.


 Tresbeum v1.1.7 APK

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