Wednesday , August 5 2020

Try to Fly v1.0 APK Mod


Try to Fly v1.0 APK Mod The zombies and aliens have retreated to the second sector, and they already don’t seem too horrifying in comparison to the new threat that looms over the inhabitants of this magical city. You are now challenged by a new enemy – a pack of wild, hungry turkeys. Appearing so innocent at first glance, these devious creatures had long been developing a plan to capture your city; all they had been waiting for was an opportunity… to devour your delicious donuts!

Do not let the birds seize control of your incredible city.

Now, everything depends on you. You have a diverse arrangement of weapons available for use, such as:

➢ A pistol – for newer soldiers;
➢ A double-barreled – weapon for sharpshooters;
➢ A powerful cannon – for true, war-weathered heroes

Additionally, you can poison or freeze your enemies

If you don’t defeat the cunning turkeys in time – it’s too late! They will unscrupulously, indiscriminately
destroy all your stocks of juicy, mouth-watering pies!

Share your successes with friends, create your own groups to liberate the city, and deflect the attacks of the wild turkeys together! Gather a like-minded crew and take command in this difficult struggle.

Remember, the turkeys must not eat all of your scrumptious pastries!


Try to Fly v1.0 APK Mod


Try to Fly v1.0 APK Mod

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