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Valkyrie v1.1 (Full) APK Download


Valkyrie v1.1 (Full) APK Download

You are a Valkyrie, and you have one job: To take the souls of fallen warriors to their final resting place in the hall of Valhalla.

It’s not easy. If it were easy anyone could do it. But not anyone can be a Valkyrie.

Do you have what it takes?

This first-person runner is not for the faint-of-heart or the slow of reflex. You have to jump, you have to slide across light bridges and deactivate walls—all while running and collecting souls. You may want to keep both thumbs close to the screen at all times.

Valkyrie puts you right in the action with:

∞ Dynamic interactive game world
∞ Rich, realistic sound effects and cinematic soundtrack
∞ Progressively built obstacles that require both speed and strategy
∞ Ten unique and increasingly challenging levels!
∞ Super-addictive, skill-enhancing Endless Run mode

This is not your father’s Asgard. Sleek and mythical, the world of Valkyrie mixes the ancient with the futuristic to create an immersive gaming event in your hands. Valkyrie is not loaded with unnecessary graphics and silly, annoying music. It puts your gaming experience front and centre by focusing on fundamentals and continuously building on your skill set in incredibly testing ways.

Many will try, but only a few have what it takes to escort warrior souls back to Valhalla. Only a few can be a valkyrie.


Valkyrie v1.1 (Full) APK Download


Valkyrie v1.1 (Full) APK Download

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