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Venus Eleven Vivid v7.4.1 Mod Apk

Venus Eleven Vivid

Venus Eleven Vivid v7.4.1 Mod Apk

~ Hey, let’s own the girls team owner ♪ ~

The latest series of Venus series played by the cumulative total of 2 million people!
Plenty of places to see such as gorgeous voice actors and scenarios, game scenes where mini characters move dynamically!
Aim for a victory with beautiful and distinctive goddesses!

◎ If you are in the tutorial clear now 8000 pieces of Venus heart! (* 10 gacha twice)
◎ Show live realism and speedy game expansion!
◎ Encourage the game scene, including character’s own special move!
◎ Other plentiful contents such as luxurious voice actors and scenarios!

★ That gorgeous voice actor plays Venus ★
It is not only cute and sprouting!
Famous voice actors are cute and play powerfully!

Aya Susaki, Ms. Ka Kumaka, Rie Kugimiya,
Mr. Kikuko Inoue, Mr. Amamiya, Miyuki Sawashiro,
Mamiko Noto, Yoko Hikasa, Haruka Kamura
Urasaka Sumire, Mr. Akutsu Kusuda etc.

In addition, newcomer voice actor of expectation of the future also appears one after another!

◆ Incandescent game! Instructions! Is it? Or may I leave it?
“Manual mode” which can instruct strategy in real time
“Semi-auto mode” where novice footballers also are safe
Cute little mini characters move dynamically!

◆ Any character raises up to 6 ★ rare
Female college students, Moe idol, Princess and other beautiful girls nurture!
Any girls make it a high reality!
Please raise your favorite player Tootokon!

★ Fulfilling system related to football ★
Expedition to company, clubhouse, stadium!
A system related to football took in the game!

★ It is not only football! Bishojo scenario ★
Scenario prepared for all characters!
Keep an eye on talking from silly talks to serious talks!
We also deliver the Cinderella story of you!

It is not just a pretty girl game!
I am playing soccer not only for idol but also seriously!

Wake is different from Soyosobo’s female football game!
A game that challenged “pretty girl” x “soccer” rarely seen in recent years!
Deliver a bit of a different sports game!

Venus Eleven Vivid!

– Would you like to watch anata? Or will you fight?


■ Service Provider
Amazing Inc. (Amazing Inc.)

■ Official website

■ Official Twitter

Required OS
Android 4.2 and above

Recommended OS · Terminal Spec
Android 4.4 or higher
(Android terminal recommended specification CPU 2.3 Ghz or more, RAM 2 GB or more)

■ Price
App body: free
In-game billing: yes

【Notes · Disclaimer】

· For models other than recommended models and recommended OS version, support will not be applied.
· Depending on your application usage situation, operation may become unstable even with the recommended model.
· Although it stipulates as mandatory OS version “Android 4.2 or higher”, it does not necessarily correspond to the latest version.
· When playing please play in a place where the communication environment is stable.
· Be sure to read the terms of use and play happily.

© 2015-2016 amazing Inc./AG rights Inc.



Max Shoot Range
Always Win


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