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Very Lost – A 3D maze game v1.3 Apk


Very Lost – A 3D maze game v1.3 Apk

Get lost in mazes for hours or wander around for five minutes. Simple and intuitive control setups without a lot of on-screen buttons to get flustered about.
The flagship of this game is the ability to look around by tilting your phone in the direction you would like to look. I’ve added an optional joystick if you would prefer that, but I’m proud of the immersion that your accelerometer gives it.

I hope you enjoy it

Two control methods
-Look around by tilting your device
-Look around with a joystick

9 hand built and unique mazes, 10 gems in each maze to collect, and all shoved into 11mb

Built focusing on solid controls, package size, and battery life

Here is what people have to say about this game

Wow, This is pretty addictive
– my mom
It’s cool
– my little brother
(sorry, I dont know that many people)

Update will include
-Double the mazes
-Time attack mode
-High scores
-A minotaur to hunt you(possibly just in the larger mazes)
-Music(maybe, do any of you play with your volume up?)
-Multiplayer(maybe, I’m not too fond of permissions)
-The changes you ask for in the reviews below


Very Lost – A 3D maze game v1.3 Apk

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