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Virus Curse – Pandemic Madness v3.42 (Mod DNA)


Virus Curse – Pandemic Madness v3.42 (Mod DNA) In Virus Plague – Pandemic Madness your task is to eradicate all humanity via the deadliest virus that you evolve during the game. At the very start you should choose the territory that you want to infect first, then you are to track mutations and spread your disease.

Optimize your virus to make it even more deadly, upgrade each feature wisely according to conditions in each area. You will get cellular material to spend on your virus development from the bonus buttons.

HOW TO PLAY: Chose one of three levels: Easy, Normal or Hard and start to evolve your virus.

– EASY: Low level of medicine and hygiene, similar to third world countries.
– NORMAL: Medium level of medicine and hygiene, similar to developed countries.
– HARD: Level of medicine and hygiene similar to the near future.

There are 3 characteristics to improve:

Chose a characteristics tab to see kinds of available mutations. You can find out about a certain mutation and see its cost. Use EVOLVE button to start a mutation.

Keep an eye on useful INDICATORS:
– Score;
– Infectivity;
– Severity;
– Lethality.

Virus Plague – Pandemic Madness FEATURES:
– real world to destroy: real countries with different climates, hot world news;
– three levels: Easy, Normal, Hard;
– advanced system of virus mutations and development possibilities;
– useful indicators: Score; Infectivity; Severity; Lethality.

Try yourself as a mad scientist with Virus Plague – Pandemic Madness. As soon as all the humanity is infected with your virus, unleash the hell and upgrade your most lethal symptoms! But be careful, the humanity will struggle for a cure, you’ll have to be quick and – devastating.


Virus Curse – Pandemic Madness v3.42 (Mod DNA)

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