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Vr Sneaking Mission 2 v1.1 APK

Vr Sneaking Mission 2

SNEAKING VR Mission 2 Espionage ,tactical and action becomes to Android with a new title of “Hundred Fires” saga, VR SNEAKING MISSION 2.
(Vr Sneaking Mission 2 v1.1)Inspired by the most authentic stealth and espionage games, VR SNEAKING MISSION 2 comes with better graphics, more action, more objects and more missions to meet in a virtual environment.
Hide yourself, Run, SHOT and flees,, Can you overcome these obstacles without being detected by the enemy?
• Walk the different virtual scenarios to find your target
• Hit the walls to distract the enemy.
• Do not let the enemy see you
• Hide in the most remote corners
• Pick up weapons and items that will be useful in your way
• Use the weapons at first and third person
• A shooter full action, enemies and traps
• Use Thermal Goodies
• 19 missions including infiltration, weapons, advanced weapons and special levels
• Defeat the virus that is wreaking havoc in the virtual world

Enjoy the best experience of infiltration and espionage that exists in Android.

A game created entirely by one person, David Amado Fernandez.

Vr Sneaking Mission Vr Sneaking Missions

Vr Sneaking Mission 2 v1.1 APK


Vr Sneaking Mission 2 v1.1 APK

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