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Wasteland Survival Sim Full v1.0 (Mod Money) apk


 Wasteland Survival Sim Full v1.0 (Mod Money) apk Premium version of “Wasteland Survival Simulator” includes: huge number of start resources, advanced crafting system, unique treasures & weapons and NO ADS!Be ready for thrilling post-apocalypse adventures! Live the life of real stalker and survive in this lost nuclear wasteland full of secrets and dangers! Feel as a real survivor at the radioactive desert with Wasteland Survival Simulator in 3D!
The world has collapsed by the nuclear blast, and now all that you can do – survive at all costs! Quarry resources, search for food, fight against raiders and mutated animals, craft useful tools, weapons, and anti-radioactive stations to clear out the land! Feel as a real lonely survival at the post-nuclear wasteland with our Wasteland Survival Simulator!
No one knows, why that war started, but, as we all know, war never changes… Many years ago nuke bombs were dropped over our cities and burned it away. Many people have avoided the menace by hiding at the special underground shelters, but many people had died too. When clouds of radioactive dust have swept down the surface of harmed Earth, it was empty and silent as at the first days of Creation. But such silence was ended soon.
Years passed, and the land filled with mutated creatures – animals and humans – who waged the fight against each other. But you’ve avoided such fate. You and your people had successfully lived these years in the underground hideout – small island of safety and peace. But your resources started to dissipate…
You were chosen to go out the shelter and explore radioactive desert in search of details of anti-radioactive stations. Your main task is to survive at all cost and find a way to clear the land out of radiation and toxic waste! Keep your weapons alert – hungry mutants and angry raiders roaming the wasteland in search of a fresh meat! Collect resources, find useful tools from a previous age and do your best to survive! Do your best to stay alive with Wasteland Survival Simulator in 3D!
Mind your survivor’s indicators – fighting with mutants and hunting for wild monster animals might be a bit tiring! Keep health, energy and hunger indicators full, if one of it drops – there is no chance to survive in this world of monsters, marauders, and total destruction! Quarry resources to craft survival tools and weapons, build shelters and hide from powerful nuclear monsters – it would help you to stay alive! Hunt, start fish or looking for plant food, but remember that you should not just survive in a nuclear wasteland, but clear this forsaken land from radioactivity!
Wasteland Survival Simulator features
Ultimate survival simulator in 3D – fight for your life exploring nuclear wasteland full of mutants and wild animals as a real stalker
Collect resources to build anti-radiation stations
Hunt for wild animals, fight against criminals, quarry resources, craft survival tools and build shelters – work hard to stay alive!
Horror atmosphere of post-apocalypse city
Mind survivor’s indicators – heal wound you’ve got fighting against monsters and raiders, keep yourself fed and sleep well
Fight against monsters and explore lost post-apocalypse world playing this unusual stalker simulator in 3D! Upgrade your hunting, fishing, battling and exploring skills living in the nuclear wasteland after fallout! Tired of relaxing with usual island survival simulators? Be ready for really tough adventure!


 Wasteland Survival Sim Full v1.0 (Mod Money) apk

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