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Weed Bakery The Game Apk v1.32 (Unlimited Cash/Weed/Max Level)


Weed Bakery The Game Apk v1.32 (Unlimited Cash/Weed/Max Level) Tired of selling ditch weed to degenerates from your basement like it’s 2012?
Enter the high world of legalized recreational Marijuana in the state of Colorado!

Cultivate the most popular and potent weed strains like the Chronic, White Widow, Purple Haze and many more.
Sell them to your pothead customers and earn respect, loyalty and of course lots of money!

Don’t be just a weed farmer and turn your crops into the hottest Marijuana edibles in Colorado. Bake hash brownies, space cakes, bud muffins, just to name a few, and make some serious dough.

Flush with cash? Don’t be an idiot, don’t make it rain!
Invest your hard earned cash into some killer smoking gear or trick out your shop with a variety of upgrades and themes and show it off to your friends online!

Important: Weed Bakery is a resource intensive 3D game that requires a dual-core device with at least 1GB of RAM. It will not run on all the old or entry level phones that don’t meet these requirements and giving us 1 star won’t change the fact.

Disclaimer: Weed Bakery The Game contains references to Marijuana and crude humor and is intended for a MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY! All the events and characters portrayed in the game are completely fictional. For legal status regarding medical or recreational use of Marijuana in your state, contact your local law enforcement agency.


 Weed Bakery The Game Apk v1.32 (Unlimited Cash/Weed/Max Level)

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