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Winter Craft 4: Ice Age v1.0


Explore caves and mines in search of valuable ores, build a house of different blocks, create traps for wild animals and to protect your possessions.

A unique innovation, create mob Herobrine-Bear, who will walk with you and help in the battle with the enemy.
Features of Ice Age:

– Special shop with unique weapons and elite armor;
– New animals: penguins, mammoths, tigers, deer!
– 32 kinds of new armor, made from the skins of various living creatures;
– New interface and pre-history of game;
– Vagant merchants;
– Weather conditions;
– And that’s not all!
Dress warmly in new armor of Mammoth’s skin and go in search of adventure on the frozen expanses of the game!


Winter Craft 4: Ice Age v1.0

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