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Wonder Wood v1.0.97 Apk Mod

WonderWonder Wood v1.0.97 Apk Mod

– QHD devices are now supported!
– Forest no longer grows by itself
– Trees, grass and stones now available in Decorations section
– Animal stashes now easier to find
– Several balance bugs fixed
This game will spirit you away! The magical woodland glade is a mess and all of the cute creatures have disappeared. These little animals need your help!• The uniquely magical atmosphere of a fairytale wood.
• A huge menagerie of cute birds and animals.
• Endless gameplay for all ages.
• Clear the mess and decorate the landscape.
• Unusual buildings and a deep ecosystem
• Even the evil critters are cute!

•• Important! We use the “Device ID” permission to keep track of in-game analytics.
The creatures require a lot of care but you’ll have great fun growing special food for all animals and building homes for them. So banish the critters, clear the weeds, and repopulate the glade with animals. Then decorate the area, collect resources, feed the animals, and make sure their homes stay clean and cozy.

Some animals will only fall in love if other animals are present, or if they’ve been washed, so make sure everything they need is to hand. Thankfully, a few hardworking Gnomes can build you all sorts of wonderful devices and buildings.

Delightfully designed and animated with a kind humour, the Wonder Wood is a fairy tale garden for you to make your own. It’s not tough work though as the hardy Gnomes will help you. You just need to relax, enjoy and take in the wonders of the Wonder Wood.


Wonder Wood v1.0.97 Apk Mod

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