Monday , May 25 2020

World Zombination v3.2.3045 APK Mod Android Download

World Zombination

Rise as a zombie conqueror, a new sub-genre in the farming simulators where you’ll generate income by growing Brains, Cells, Zombie Cola and much much more. Play as a Zombie General, build and manage your base, sell cloned items to the Zombie Mafia for profit. Zombie World is filled with a combination of stunning hand drawn and 3D rendered art.


• A brand new take on farming simulators, a very unique experience you cannot afford to miss!

• Choose your level of sophistication for your economical ventures, aimed for both hardcore and casual fans!

• Beautifully designed art, hand drawn, 3D rendered and detailed to perfection.

• Clone, raise and collect brains, sell them on the black market and watch your bank balance rise!

• Zombie Mafia can be impatient sometimes, be sure to serve them on time!

• In-game Music from the famous DJ Ramzi

• This game was tested without using any IN-APP purchasing, and does not consist of pesky advertisements that pop up in game.

A Note from the Developer:

“Thank you for trying my game out, This game is made by one person, it took me close to 6 months to build it. If you find any bugs or have any cool ideas you would like to see in the game please email me directly to “”, I promise to look into it right away. Thank you again, and enjoy!”

-Ghazab Games

World Zombination v3.2.3045 APK Mod Android Download

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