Thursday , May 28 2020

Z-Island apk v 1.2.2 (Full)

IslandZ-Island apk v 1.2.2 (Full)

Z-Island is a survival open-world zombie game.
You play as a survivor and you must (if you want) complete the quests to escape the island!
You can play it in your phone and tablet.

– 10 different weapons
– 7 different types of zombies
– Unlock the car and run over zombies
– Friendly story line
– Watch out for your hunger and thirsty status
– Refill your car fuel on the gas station
– Explore all the buildings in the island
– Zombies become faster and more agressive at night
– Level up and compare your time and your zombie kills with your friends

What are you waiting for!? Can you escape the island!?


Z-Island apk v 1.2.2 (Full)

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