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Zexia Fantasy Adventure 3D RPG+ v2.2.2 [Mod Money + VIP]


Zexia Fantasy Adventure 3D RPG+ v2.2.2 [Mod Money + VIP] The story is about a young girl who is mysteriously connected to the world’s teleporter machine that can teleport you into many places. It starts in a fiery empire on a land that artificially created by magic. It is also a long time before the event in Viano Adventures. The critical element of the story is a where Zexia finds out who she really is. A sudden increase in dangerous monsters is the reason why she is connected to the world core and also begin her adventures.

The girl known as Zexia begin her travel to different places in the world by using the World Teleporter Machine. She leaves her village and start the quest to helping people from the monsters that were summoned by the teleporters. On her journey in the forest temple, she learned that the mysterious artifact known as Axis is the one that responsible of make teleport machine appears. And the worst part is the gate to Axis is heavy guarded by iron Dark Knights and some zombie. They are high level guardian plant by Axis and Zexia must fight them in the battle arena.

As the power of darkness squirt, the jawbreaker evolution of evil is come into this world. Zexia going on a war but lose in the fight and she run to the forest. In her escape she encounter Roland, the guardian of the forest. But the real guardian is long dead, that is just the power of Earth and Lightning elemental of Mana that resonating in the world. Zexia return to Cabal village. And the tales of this saga continues…


With Japanese RPG Action style, this game soon will have the Online Multiplayer PVP mode. And you can enjoy a MMORPG Action RPG Style. But you can also play the Story Mode offline element for free. More features will also be adding soon, includes weapon creation with Mana, the power of the world, more challenging final boss and romance system.


Zexia Fantasy Adventure 3D RPG+ v2.2.2 [Mod Money + VIP]


Zexia Fantasy Adventure 3D RPG+ v2.2.2 [Mod Money + VIP]

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