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Ziggy Road ZigZag Racer v 2.0 APK

Ziggy Road ZigZag Racer v 2.0 APK


Ziggy Road ZigZag Traffic Racer is set in the near future when all cars are self driven by computers. You are the owner of the new AGPO-500.

Unfortunately it has developed a bug!

You are about to enter a busy city. Take control of the run away car and zigzag away to avoid everything!

Classic zig zag traffic racer game play has been re-invented and brought bang up to date to give extreme speeds and heart stopping moments.

Edge of your seat traffic racer game play needing lightning fast reactions to survive.

* On trend 3D graphics.
* Extreme speeds running at 60fps (on most devices).
* 29 Vehicles: Fire Engines, USA Muscle cars, Police cars, Trucks, Buses, Taxi and many more…
* Three bonus games: Night Rider, Carnage, Zombies !
* Leaderboards and Challenges.
* 3D sound and Music tracks that react to gameplay.
* Hidden features / Easter Eggs throughout the game.
* Traffic racer game, but not as you know it!

Download and ZigZag Race the Traffic Today!

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Ziggy Road ZigZag Racer v 2.0 APK

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