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Zombie Crush: City Fire v2.1 (Mod Coins)


Zombie Crush: City Fire v2.1 (Mod Coins) You are the city defense, a professional zombie sniper! Prepare yourself for an endless zombie onslaught. Beware zombie wolves, our for the quick hit kill! The dead walkers will keep coming, it will feel like a zombie highway. Only the powerful will last without a survival guide. Will you make your stranded survival? Turn the toughest enemy into a dead target now!

* Fast paced zombie shooter
* Connect & share with friends
* Choose your weapon of war
* Start with 500 FREE coins
* Endless fun & adventure

You are a death shooter, lost in the rising empire of the undead land. Be prepared for an all-out zombie assault. After surviving the zombie hoards, you might even call it a zombie tsunami. By then you will have unlocked the Spec Ops character, the ultimate death shooter. As a contract killer he is a quick hit expert in this tap army, and any enemy in his path will become a dead target. Find your zombie target in this pixel gun shooter!

The Flamethrower character, another contract killer like Spec Ops, is super effective on this dead earth. The zombie tsunami won’t stand one chance! He may not be able to run & jump, but his pixel gun is unstoppable against any zombie target in this living dead city! Just keep your gun pointed dead ahead!

What are you waiting for, zombie smasher? Choose your adventure weapon. Only you can kill the zombies!

Play now for free!


Zombie Crush: City Fire v2.1 (Mod Coins)

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