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Zombie Infection v0.4 (Full)


This is an ad free donation version for Zombie Range. This version will help support future development of the project and have added extra features! To start you will receive all weapons with ammo! I have also updated this version to include more zombies and auto pickup of items. So now you can just look at the items and they will be picked up. The graphics have also been optimized more for slower devices. The google play services were also updated to hopefully reduce some of the crashes.

How long can you survive the Zombie Infection?

**This game is processor intensive, so it is recommended you have at least a quad core device.
The recent update has added many new features. Loot will now spawn randomly in different locations. Certain areas have higher loots spawn values. Currently it is not set to respawn if looted but this will be updated. Zombies will also be triggered by the player being in an area. This should down drastically on the processing power needed for all the AI and allow for many more zombies. Swimming has also been added and we plan on adding more cool areas that will incorporate this. Think underwater caves 🙂 Hope you all enjoy the new update!

This game is inspired by the likes of Dayz, Warz, Rust, The Walking Dead and Nether to name a few. Who says you need a desktop computer to play your favorite zombie survival! Get your fix of dayz with this game while out and about. You are a lone survivor in a world gone infected. It features an open world survival sandbox. Kill as many zombies as you can before your time is up!

The game is by no means “done” and will only get bigger and better with your support. Some features we plan on including are multiple map selections, day night cycle, different game modes, training levels, and more!

Game included a leader board of zombie kill counts!

Also included are achievements based on game progress.


– Zombie kill count
– Day/Night Cycle
– Health
– Hunger
– Thirst
– Swimming
– Random loot spawns
– Katana melee weapon
– 9mm Pistol
– AK47 machine gun
– AK47 Sniper rifle
– shotgun
– Large military base
– Climbable walls
– Climbable ladders
– multiple zombie types with varying strength
– Google Play Achievements

If the game crashes when changing the quality settings, restart the game and open the settings menu again. It will default back to the fastest settings.

Please send us an email on bug reports and issues.

Have fun and stay alive!

Zombie Infection v0.4 (Full)


Zombie Infection v0.4 (Full)

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