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Zombie Rider: Run Smashing Car v1.1.4 APK

 Zombie Rider: Run Smashing Car v1.1.4 APK


Zombie Rider: Run Smashing Car is a racing game of attack, defense and survival against imposing zombie hordes threatening to dominate all mankind in the ultimate zombie doomsday. Race through varied and exotic landscapes, annihilating whatever crosses your path, leaving a road of dead opponents behind you on a trip. In order to escape the walking dead infection you must hone your skills of speed, reflex, and strategy. Download Zombie Rider: Run Smashing Car and become the ultimate zombie hunter and survivor. Are you up to the challenge of annihilating countless numbers of zombies, planet Earth’s deadliest adversaries?

In our game there are 7 battlefields you must conquer. Each battlefield increases in complexity and manifests itself in the form of various settings with differing obstacles and of course, hordes of walking dead! Each level requires expert zombie shooting and driving skills to prevent further outbreak. Leave zombie road kill wreckage in your wake, collect points, and upgrade your zombie killer vehicle to move to the next level.

To avoid becoming a zombie driver infected by your foes, you must first have a vehicle worthy of a serious walking dead shooting joy ride! Not only is your car decked out with a zombie shooter death ray that fires from the front of your vehicle, there’s more. Check out the garage feature of our game where you can upgrade your vehicle’s gun power, shield power, engine power, gun spread, and gun range before going on your next zombie run. A zombie shooter is only as good as their weapon, so keep your car in top condition by upgrading each feature as you accumulate points. Not only can you upgrade the features on your car, you can upgrade your vehicle too! As you conquer each zombie road, you can access new vehicles either by way of a small payment or by waiting a certain period of time for a new car to unlock. Once you have your new zombie killer on the road, take charge of your new battlefield and kill as many of those stupid zombies as possible! Another feature of this game is the option to choose how you’d like to steer your car. Choose between 4 steering options that allow you to pick a way that’s most comfortable for you: finger or thumb steering, slide steering, and tilt steering. Absolute control of your vehicle is essential to preventing zombie infection and becoming a formidable zombie hunter.

As you begin your race to survive and kill the undead, your vehicle will shoot out onto a dead road filled with walking dead. You can either kill walking dead using your death ray or use your car as a zombie smasher and run them over, turning them into a bloody pulp! Your vehicle is equipped with 3 renewable energy features: acceleration energy, annihilation energy, and defense energy cells. Each feature can be recharged by collecting bonus energy on the track represented by different colored energy icons. Each time you run over these icons, renewed energy will with added to your car. If you find yourself off track, hit the back-on-track button to get your bearings. If you need more power, hit the engine boost power button to increase your speed and watch the zombies run in fear! Upon completing each round, you’ll have the option to upgrade your vehicle or change cars.

It won’t be long until mankind is faced with the doomsday of our planet. You will need to fight for survival in Zombie Rider: Run Smashing Car to avoid finding yourself on an entirely zombie planet! The race will select those with the strongest instinct to survive. In order to overcome the plague of these undead raiders, redneck, and stupid zombies, driver speed, skill, car upgrades and determination will be absolutely crucial. Download Zombie Rider: Run Smashing Car today and enter the zombie doomsday with an annihilation arsenal to win the honor of becoming a master racer on the infected planet Earth!

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Smashing Smashing Smashing

 Zombie Rider: Run Smashing Car v1.1.4 APK


 Zombie Rider: Run Smashing Car v1.1.4 APK

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